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The real reason Dr Dre throw a ‘divorced AF’ party for himself after ending 21-year-old marriage

“Hey Well My Brother @drdre Just Told Me It’s Final !!! Congrats [champagne emoji] Still Dre [goat emoji][strong arm emoji].””

Marriage can be a wonderful thing; the joining of two hearts, two souls, two families… and not to mention most of the time you get to throw a huge fancy, and hella expensive party to celebrate it.

Yep, it can be a pretty beautiful moment in a couple’s life. But as with everything that is beautiful in life, it can also have its ugly side. What exactly is the ugly side of marriage, you may be wondering? Divorce, of course.

Dr. Dre has spent one year trying to divorce his wife — Nicole Young and has now thrown himself a divorce party in order to celebrate the fact, after all this time, he has finally reached the end of his marriage. Ahhhh, who says anti-romance is dead, eh?

The pair had been together for over two decades and in June 2020, Nicole filed for divorce.
Soon, the unraveling of allegations began to make headlines as she accused her ex-husband of physical abuse, something that Dr. Dre has adamantly denied.

Information from legal proceedings and documents would also make their way online as the public debated Nicole’s request for Dre to pay her $2 million in spousal support. He wanted to be declared legally single as their divorce dragged on, but it looks as if Dre is celebrating the end of this era of his marriage.
Breyon Prescott uploaded an image of Dr.

Dre sitting in front of balloon decorations that read “Divorced AF,” and the Rap icon is seen sporting a wide smile. In the caption, Prescott added, “Hey Well My Brother @drdre Just Told Me It’s Final !!! Congrats [champagne emoji] Still Dre [goat emoji][strong arm emoji].””

We’re not sure how the billionaire mogul will celebrate, but we’re sure it will be in style. Check out the post below.

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