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Chris Jericho responds to worried fans after his hospitalization in Overseas went viral

Fans are worried about Wrestler — Chris Jericho’s health after it was reported that the AEW star was taken to a nearby hospital to treat a non-COVID related health issue, and that led to the cancellation of Fozzy’s show that would have taken place tonight.

A post from the Sin City Club relayed a quote from the band saying that all tickets would be refunded and that they will share updates on the Saturday show in Nottingham and Sunday’s show in London as soon as possible.

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You can see the post below.

“Tonight we were devastated to learn that Fozzy will have to cancel their planned date with us in Swansea tomorrow.
We have received this message from the band as of 9pm this evening…
“Chris was checked into Hospital by doctors, with a non Covid related, treatable health issue. Regrettably the show on Friday in Swansea is cancelled and all tickets will be refunded. Will have updates on Saturdays show in Nottingham and Sunday’s show in London as soon as possible”.


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We can only apologise with the unavoidable shortness of the notice we can bring you. We assure you that in a year of closure and rearranged shows, we are devastated to have to remain closed once again.

We wish Chris an incredibly speedy recovery. We very much hope he and the band are able to complete their UK tour and return safely to their families for Christmas.
Any question or queries can be sent to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back in the office tomorrow.”

Despite fans’ concern about his health Chris Jericho claims there’s nothing to be worried about.

Read what he said below

“I’m feeling good. They just wanted to observe me overnight and I’m in the right place. Not COVID related.”

Thoughts go out to Jericho and hopefully he is fully recovered soon.


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