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Actress Ada Ameh x Kemi Olunloyo Controversy Explained

Nigerian journalist — Olunloyo claimed Sylvester allegedly agreed to join a cult group and he drank engine oil as part of the initiation process.

The journalist comment immediately sparked a steamy debate on social media as the social media users expressed different opinions about the situation.

Actress Ada Ameh finds fault with Olunloyo’s comment and immediately took to social media to threaten the journalist.

The actress asked the journalist — to tell her (Ada Ameh) where they could meet so that she could beat her like a baby.

Tell me where to meet you, let me beat you up like a baby. I prefer going to jail for your type. I’ll beat you up like a baby


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She also said that the journalist must be a mad woman and she (Ada Ameh) thinks her madness needs a medical attention.

This your madness is getting too much. You need to be beaten. A woman who has been through labour room, how can you come out and say rubbish?

Ada Emeh even went on to say that she will Flog Olunloyo like a child inorder to bring back her lost sanity.

I’ll beat you up like a baby. Flog you like a child and correct that knot that was lost. Take you to a psychiatric hospital and pay for your treatment.”

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