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‘This man is insane’ – Nigerians attack Fani-Kayode for releasing his son’s video

Nigerians are currently attacking Fani-Kayode after the politician released a video of his children playing inorder to debunk his ex-wife — precious Chikwendu’s allegations.

Precious had said that one of her sons had Coronavirus and she only found out in court. She added that another has a wound on his head and she recently found out too.

In response, Fani-Kayode released a video in a bid to dispute Precious’ claim and to show that the kids are fine.

The video immediately sparked a steamy debate on social media as the social media users expressed different opinions about the situation.

While some find fault with Precious Chikwendu and side with her husband— FFK, others slammed Fani-Kayode for lying against his wife — Precious Chikwendu.

Read the mixed reactions below…

@mercy: This man has nothing but malicious intent. He lives for social media validation. Please let her see her kids for Christ sake.

@olamide: FFK is a goat!!! So this chaotic picture shows the child’s head clearly abi? Foolish man without any iota of sense!!!

@chi: Shameless man. Denying a mother (one that has not been ruled unfit by appropriate bodies) access to her children. Only in Nigeria with failed legal and social systems will you see this.

@abraham: Baba u dont need all evidence to showcase them to the public. Leave precious alone with her lawyer that taught her how give a different lies just to win the case. She’s indeed suffering from bipolar disorder.

@davilong: This man is insane. In a country where everything works, you would be in jail for kidnapping

@sami: What kind of staged nonsense is this? With local raucous home helpers. This is no form of child care now. Wetin be this? I feel sad for the children.

@pretty: Precious was right! FFK is only interested in debunking allegations and painting a picture. What a pity.

@prince: Precious is the looser, she thinks social media blackmail and public sympathy will help her.

@emma: How can you keep your kids with strange women while their mother is alive?

@nancy: I’m sorry to tell you my love, you were just a baby maker for this dude. He wanted sons, you gave him son.

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