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Actress playing murderer in film charged in real life for killing her father

An actress who plays a murderer in a low-budget horror film has been accused of shooting her uncle to death.

Moore-Reed was released on bail after she was arrested for allegedly shooting her uncle Shane Moore in Jackson City, Oregon.

Moore-Reed went on to audition for the leading role of “From the Dark” under the pseudonym “Wyn Reed.”

Moore-Reed, 30, landed the leading role as Valerie Faust in the “rural murder-thriller” about a tour guide’s last day at work in the isolated mountains where things go wrong. In the film Faust also shoots someone to death.

Moore-Reed’s defense team handed over her cellphone with a video she recorded of the encounter with Moore in order to provide evidence of self-defense.


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After the shooting, Moore-Reed hysterically cried, “I didn’t mean to shoot him in the chest,” according to a video originally posted by The Oregonian.

Moore-Reed’s mom, Kelly Moore who is a former California lawyer also said that her daughter acted in self-defense.

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