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Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, gets in trouble for going live on TikTok to give a tour of family’s house without her mother’s permission (video)

“I did the exact same thing as she did, I would do the lives and now I regret saying one of the things that I said,” he added. “Just in case for safety.”

North went live without her mom’s permission — and Kim wasn’t the only one who was less than thrilled about it.
Kim Kardashian is praising “insightful” and “helpful king” Mason Disick after Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s son sent her a message of concern over North West’s unchaperoned TikTok Live earlier this week.

On Sunday December 13, the famous 8-year-old gave her followers an unfiltered tour of her home as she ran around the house. “I have so much views! No more views!” she screamed as she giggled her way to her mother, “Not allowed to be live!”
It didn’t take long for Kim to shut it down — sternly telling her daughter, “No, stop you’re not allowed to. North come on, you’re not allowed to go live,” before the clip ended.

After West went rogue, Kardashian apparently got a text message from Mason, explaining why she should probably be supervised going forward.

“Hi I don’t wanna disrespect North but I don’t think she should do the lives unless someone is with her because people are always screen recording and she might tell information that isn’t correct and stuff like that, that she will regret,” he began.


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“I did the exact same thing as she did, I would do the lives and now I regret saying one of the things that I said,” he added. “Just in case for safety.”
Back in 2020, Mason went live on his TikTok and revealed some information about his famous family during a Q&A with fans — namely, that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were not together at the time, despite speculation they had reconciled.

Kim shared a screen shot of Mason’s text to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, which also happened to be Mason’s 12th birthday. She captioned the post, “Now Mason is so mature! An insightful king.”
She also posted her response to him, saying, “I appreciate you looking out Mason and I agree. She felt bad and I don’t think she will do it again but it could be good if you talk to her about it.” He replied saying he’d love to speak with her next time he was at their home. Kim captioned that screen shot, “A helpful king.”

Watch the video below..

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