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Bride in a thong gives groom a twerking lap dance at their wedding reception: Guests react

While most brides throw a bouquet on their wedding day, this bride took a rather risky turn on her special day.
The US bride from Florida, twerked the night away, opting for a completely backless dress and matching shimmery G-string as she gifted her groom with a sexy lap dance in front of guests at their wedding reception, the NY Post reports.
“Is that the bride?!?!?,” tweeted a stunned online onlooker who reposted the clip of the newlywed, known digitally as Rochelle.

The bride could be seen shaking her backside in a choreographed burlesque alongside her bridesmaids.

In the eye-popping, now-viral video, which had amassed more than 2.6 million views since Tuesday, a barefoot Rochelle is seen pushing a little boy out of her way as she struts over to her grinning groom, who’s seated in the middle of a dance floor.
Then, draped in the bedazzled halter dress and matching G-string undies, the ride bends over and wiggles her rear in her new hubby’s face while her bridal party busts a repetition of sultry moves to Beyonce’s sexy single ‘Dance for You’.

The room full of gawking wedding guests eagerly recorded the spicy showcase on their phones.
A guest with the handle @_1karin shared a video on her Instagram Story over the weekend.
The clip transitions to Rochelle and her bridesmaids gyrating in the TikTok-viral “Twerkulator” dance, which ends in a ground-quaking buttocks bounce.
Rochelle punctuated her performance by getting on all fours and jiggling her goodies up and down to a cheering crowd of family and friends.
But, unlike her wedding reception attendees, Twitter commentators are divided on whether the brazen bride’s risque recital was appropriate for public display.
“Everything here is tacky. The twerking bridesmaids, the barefoot bride, showing [her] whole a** in front of your entire family, just one big ghetto mess,” wrote one cyber critic, noting the children, parents and grandparents who likely witnessed the lusty hoopla.

Doing a lap dance routine for your husband wearing next to nothing in front of his closest friends and both your families is beyond ghetto lmaooo that’s not even the right word to define it yet I can’t even quantify how wildly tacky this is,” agreed another tweeter.
Conversely, others on social media fully supported Rochelle’s saucy dance, saying in part: “If she wanna twerk at her wedding she can do that. You don’t wanna twerk at your wedding then don’t.” Another chimed, “Baby if you wanna twerk from the ceiling at your wedding ima hype you up.”

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