Man trolls singer Ayra Starr after she had eye contact with him during performance: Fans react

Marvin superstar Ayra Starr has humoured her fans and followers on social media with a narration of her experience at a recent gig.

The singer explained that she was performing a song and locked eyes with a male fan who was among the audience.

However, the individual used the opportunity to troll the singer as he used the popular ‘small yansh dey shake’ line on her.

Ayra said she had to control herself to hold on to the mic and not burst out laughing. The Bloody Samaritan crooner added that she didn’t deserve to be trolled like that.

docsideondbeat said: “No worry. You go do yansh for future.”

therealjokegold said: “Nigerian men are not romantic.”

miss_ollyyy said: “This girl is a sweet soul, some people will not take it lightly. She would’ve used angry and abusive words, but just look at what she wrote. But that guy no try at all.”

vivienbraide said: “But he paid to come watch the small yansh shake so it’s worth it.”

senatorodeh said: “…. Well Ayrastars performance on stage is top notch, she has good charisma… watched her perform twice. U rock gal.”

rasheedofnaija said: “People are just naturally mean.”

iyepe_sand said: “Na normal thing wey I fit talk ….. anytime I go watch film for cinema, my commentary alone for the hall sef dey funny pass film wey people dey watch.”

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