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Nigeria: 21-year-old Man Jumps Into Lagos Lagoon After Telling His Baby Mama To Take Care Of Their Child

A 21- year old man identified as — Odunare Olalekan reportedly took his own life by jumping into the lagoon located in Epe local government area of Lagos State.

After leaving home on the morning of the ill-fated Tuesday, Olalekan, headed to his girlfriend’s apartment and told her to take care of their 1-year-old baby because they may never see each other again, NAN reports.

A report said the young man was seen in a viral video sitting on the handrail of a bridge, and later jumped into the water around Berger Bridge, Epe.

It was gathered that before he left home, his family members tried to stop him after he strangely told them that he was going without explaining what he meant.

A disclosed by a family source who spoke with the newspaper, Odunare Olalekan, being physically powerful, overpowered all who tried to stop him from leaving home as they feared he was heading for doom.

The source said: “For some time now, Olalekan has been acting strangely. For more than a week, he couldn’t sleep. He just woke up yesterday (Tuesday) to say he was going. They asked him, ‘going where? “They tried to hold him but he overpowered the people around because he was very powerful, maybe it was a spiritual attack. We could not ascertain that. He just woke up and said he was going and that they should pray for him. They held him but he overpowered them and went straight to his girlfriend’s house to tell her to take care of his child because they might not see each other again.”

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