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Lekan Odunare is dead – Family

Lekan Odunare β€” 21-year-old man who reportedly jumped into Lagos Lagoon is confirmed dead.

According to one of his relatives, his lifeless body was found on Thursday, December 16, two days after he jumped into the Lagoon.

AbaemeMaureensblog earlier reported that Odunare a 21-year-old man had jumped into the Lagoon after he told his girlfriend to take care of their baby. Read here

AMB also reported that the diploma holder who worked in an estate in the area told his girlfriend that they would not be seeing him again after that day.

The reason for his suicide is still unknown.

Please note: Suicide is not the best option… Kindly bear one thing in mind…you are not the only one suffering… Life isn’t as rosy as it seems.

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