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‘He has scabies’ Bobrisky’s former P. A, Oye releases unedited video of the transgender’s butt (Video)

Nigeria: The feud between popular transgender Bobrisky and his former P. A — Oye Kyme appears not to be ending soon.

Oye had alleged that the transgender and popular Billionaire Mompha are having an affair.

She also said that Bobrisky sleeps naked because he has scabies.

In response to Oye’s allegations, Bobrisky publicly denied everything his former P.A said.


Oye Kyme who Accused Mompha Of Having An Affair With Bobrisky Allegedly Unconscious

“Bobrisky claims many people want to have s3x with him but are too shy to talk to him”

“Bobrisky And Mompha Were Dating” Bobrisky’s Former PA, Oye, Alleges As She Spills Secrets From Her Time Working With The Crossdresser

According to him, “I think Oye is jealous because am more beautiful than her despite her being a woman”. She is jealous because am swimming in money and she is not.

In a shocking twist of the story, Oye now released a video online as evidence to back her claim that Bobrisky has ‘scabies’.

Watch the video below…


“I’m A Married Man And I Don’t Do Gays” Mompha Reacts To Allegations He Dated Bobrisky As He Threatens To Sue Bob’s Former PA, Oye

“Everything Oye said is true” Singer Daffy Blanco says as she spills more about Bobrisky and Mompha

“I haven’t seen or spoken to you” Bobrisky denies ever meeting Daffy Blanco after the singer spoke about him and defended Oye

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