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Is marriage by force? Nigerians question lady who slapped her boyfriend for rejecting her proposal

Nigerians react to a viral video of lady slapping her boyfriend after he publicly rejected her proposal.

The unidentified lady was seen in the video having a nice time with her boyfriend at a mall when she suddenly went on her knee to seek his hand in Marriage.

The embarrassed boyfriend acted calmly as he tried to help the lady to her feet in a bid to revert a situation that was already attracting attention from onlookers at the mall.

Seeing that his effort wasn’t yielding the expected result, the boyfriend then politely turned down the lady’s proposal.

This didn’t go down well with the lady who stood up, quizzed him for the rejection and gave him a slap on the cheek. The lady and the man were said to have been in a relationship for 6 years.

Yinka Kolawole wrote:

“If he no wan say yes, shey the next thing na to slap am? Some ladies with lack of home training.”

Kucoin said:

“Awon desparado geng! “The guy just no get joy. Na person daughter he dey use so o. “Just imagine if it was the guy that went physical.”


“She might be really frustrated, but that still that doesn’t warrant her slapping him, she should just move on since the guy isn’t interested in marriage, no be by force now.”

Hashabiah reacted:

“This guy should thank his God for rejecting her proposal because it would have been the greatest mistake of his life. “Just look at that left-hand slap that exposed her rude and uncultured behavior. To me , she isn’t even qualified for marriage talk more of wife material. “Na this type of women wey go old for their papa house without getting married in this life


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