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Bye-bye to unemployment: Man builds ‘wheelbarrow’ that can serve as 4 shops at same time (video)

A Nigerian man, Olorunishola Aje, has changed the face of running a mobile business with his innovation. He built a cart that can run five businesses. In his interview with the BBC, the man revealed that four out of the businesses can run at the same time, without one disturbing the other.

When the cart is parked, the user can make fruit juice and sell, operate agency banking, barbing salon and also charge customers’ phones for pay. There is an umbrella that serves as a roof to provide shade from the elements. A solar panel by the side of the cart gives electricity.

Speaking with the media, Olorunishola revealed that he built the cart as a way to solve the growing unemployment in Africa. Sixty per cent of the materials used in building the cart are imported from China, while the rest is locally sourced. To provide basic hygiene, the hair grooming service does not run simultaneously with the fruit juice processing service. There is a compartment where the operator can lock up his PoS machine and cash.

See some reactions below..

Seyi said: “Pretty good idea. I don’t know if Nigeria needs more vendors on the already overcrowded streets. But great job thinking about something different that uses alternative energy.”

Iken replied Seyi: “My mum’s village has not had electricity for 6 years straight. There are many of such places in Nigeria. This will solve a lot of problems in places like this.”

Thembela Magele asked: “Wow, this is amazing where can people order these carts?”

Small Mans said: “Love this. Praying for your continued success. He saw a problem and found a way to fix it. We needs leaders like him. Keep up the good work

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