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‘Make dem cut am’ Two ladies fight over face cap thrown by Singer Mayorkun at Concert

Fans are known to fight over personal items thrown by music stars at events but two ladies have stirred reactions after fighting over a face cap.

AMB recently sighted a video on social media showing the young ladies dragging the cap and refusing to let go of it.

Apparently, singer Mayorkun had thrown the cap into the audience and the ladies appeared to have latched onto it almost at the same time.

However, instead of conceding and letting go of the memorabilia, they held on to it and didn’t mind the attention drawn to themselves.

Other concert attendees watched as the scenario played out with some of them whipping out their mobile phones to capture the moment.

A security personnel who was also at the scene appeared powerless as he tried to resolve the issue between the ladies.

Watch the video below…


ladyque_1 said: “Make dem cut am .”

tag_me_angie said: “Them go buy razor share am into two ….case closed.”

official_itsyungadex said: “Instead of you to fight on how to have ADE ORI. You are busy fighting for FILA ORI .”

mc_pilot7 said: “And I get plenty cap ooo I no see head to come clash for am.”

keenat_exclusive__shopping said: “Abeg wetin them wan use am do biko.”

lordmichael101 said: “And na everyday una day see una papa cap way him hang for parlor ooo, una neglect that one!”

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