Man Gifts Private Jet to His Wife After Years of Marriage (video)

Popular Instagram couple, Masoud and Stephanie Shojaee, have got people talking as the wife shared a short video of her and husband. In the short clip, the woman was led out of a Rolls Royce blindfolded by Masoud. Right in front of her was a private jet gift for her.

When the veil was taken off her eyes, the woman hugged her husband happily. She wrote that after 11 years, the man still found a way to surprise her.

Stephanie revealed that the aircraft is an “insane gift”. She added that she loves the red carpet treatment that was also given her.

May people who took to her comment section wondered how she was able to maintain composure and not faint at the sight of such a gigantic gift.

Read some comments below…

vivian__chidimma said: Omo even pant i never recieve.”

pwesshydance said: “Oyinbo men are so romantic not all this when are you coming over.”

preccyclara said: “It’s like I escorted some girls to this world. Thank God for life tho.”

iam_magiq said: “He no raise any bar, he uproot the bar, carry the bar go house.”

ocube said: “Omo them buy this lady PJ and she don’t jump up and tear her cloth. Can you see it’s poverty that’s making our girls shout cos of engagement ring.”

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