Money Is Paper: Davido’s Cousin BRed Brags As He Rains Cash on Fan During Stage Performance

Music star, Adebayo Adeleke better known as BRed, got his fans talking on social media when he shared a post about the value of money.

The singer from a rich family shared a short video of himself spraying money on one of his fans during a performance on stage.

The cousin of music superstar, Davido, appreciated the fan that joined him on stage during the performance as they both vibed to his song to the excitement of onlookers.

To further brag about the money spraying incident with the fan, BRed shared a post on his Instagram story channel about money: Money is paper don’t forget.”

Fans react…


“And how much did he spend lol.”

Anonlake: “It don’t mean everyone will get the paper.”


“Money is just paper to you because you get am.”


“Paper that can change your life for good. Paper wey pass paper.”


“And that paper plays a major role in determining the kind of life you live.”


“Rich people always giving us motivational speech, so u know it’s paper yet u struggle to get it ..please my body is not allergic to paper sir.”

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