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‘This country na just comedy skit’ Nigerians react as Kogi State begins cutting of dreadlocks of youths

A picture that has surfaced online shows Zubair Amoka, the new Administrator Of Okene Local Government Area in Kogi state, cutting the hair of a young man wearing dreadlocks.

The picture has angered Nigerians online as they accused the new administrator of assaulting the young man.

Read some of the comments below...

@Oskirin: Na just say these guys are poor. He should just sue the idiot for assault and infringing on his rights. Grown up men that cannot think beyond secondary school head boys are set to watch over the affairs of communities …

@charZBos: This country na just comedy skit… We keep innovating madness. 😄😄

@victoroghenjakpa: So this is what will stop the Fulani bandits killing them? 😂 Nigeria has really gone backwards.

@sky: A typical example that the Nigerian Police Force does not properly train their officers. A police officer should know about the fundamental human rights. The Administrator should be sacked.

@Elemselems: bryan: Stupid. That’s an infringement on his fundamental human right.

@blessed: Dey shd remove him from dat post n give him chief barber of d state so dat he go dey cut all mad men hair..baba werey

@chuksemeka: This is very wrong. Dreadlocks or no dreadlocks, those that want to commit crime will still commit.


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