Little Girl and Siblings Contribute Over N700k Each From Their Pocket Money, Buy New House (photos)

Most people, especially children, usually look up to their parents and wait on them to leave them a secured future in form of homes and other material properties. Well, not for a six-year-old kid and her two siblings who decided to buy themselves a home.

It was gathered that the girl, Ruby McLellan and her siblings Gus and Lucy recently purchased their home at a very tender age.

According to 7News, Ruby and her siblings achieved the milestone by saving their pocket money for a number of months. The young girl, in a recent media interview with the aforementioned news entity, disclosed she was very excited that she was going to be a homeowner at only six.

“My name is Ruby and I’m six years old and I’m about to buy my first house,” Ruby said. According to the trio’s father, Cam McLellan, who is a property investment expert, he helped his children throughout the homeownership process. The dad revealed that his children contributed about KSh 600,000 (N2,183,343.65), money they had saved from their pocket money to make the purchase possible. “Financially they have each contributed KSh 200,000 (N727,781.22) and they have saved that up,” Cam McLellan said.

The house and land on which they built the house are located at Clyde in Melbourne’s southeast and cost KSh 67.1 million (N244,257,066.99).

The dad disclosed that the kids intend to sell the house in 2032 and split the profits, owing to the fact that the value would have skyrocketed in 10 years. “The price on that block has already gone up KSh 7 million (N25,481,363.17), so they’ve done well so far,” he said. Ruby and her siblings raised the money by getting incentives after doing household chores and packing their father’s revamped best-selling book.

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