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Officials siphon off funds in the name of ransoms – report

Mr Salman Jawondo (SAN) — Commissioner for Justice and Kwara State’s Attorney-General has accused the Buhari’s govt of siphoning Nigeria’s fund in the name of paying ransoms.

Jawondo who spoke at the commencement of the 2021/2022 legal year and valedictory court session for retiring judges in Ilorin stated that the situation of kidnapping for ransom in Nigeria has transformed into a moneymaking venture sustained by hoodlums with active collaboration of corrupted persons.

Kidnapping cases has become a veritable source through which state funds are siphoned under the pretext that the demands of the kidnappers must be met to save lives of the victims of the crime.

Read everything he said below

“I keep wondering why kidnapping cases are taking much time to determine. Honestly, the fact that people who engage in such heinous crimes act in full view of the law justifies the call for the complete overhaul of our criminal justice system, particularly the aspect that deals with the apprehension of criminals, prompt investigation of cases and quick trial.

“I hold the view and with supreme confidence that, now is the time to reconsider/review the obsolete ‘presumption of innocence’ of defendants with respect to some crimes threatening the corporate existence of us as human beings and our right to live in peace.”

“The judiciary, as the last hope of the common man, needs to be more on its toes to save us from the menace now eating deep into our flesh.

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