If you see any Port Harcourt babe wey dey speak Igbo, run for your life because dem over open eye pass Lagos girls – Singer Speed Darlington tells Men

Singer Speed Darlington has taken to Instagram to dish out an advice about Port Harcourt girls, while sharing his experience.

The singer in his video, asked men to run from Port Harcourt girls especially the ones who speak Igbo because they are wild. He also claimed that girls in Lagos are not up to that level.

Speed Darlington revealed that he fell victim to a Port Harcourt girl who he identified simply as Ijeoma. He claimed the girl refused sticking to their agreement after he sent her N25k.

He said the lady blocked him on social media and stopped picking his calls.

She however returned the money after he called her with another number and brought the issue to social media.

Speed Darlington further described Port Harcourt girls as “scammers”.

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