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“Don’t fuck a broke married man, go for a wealthy man. You can’t sin and still struggle to make ends meet – Relationship coach tells side chicks

Controversial Kenyan relationship coach, Vincent Komen popularly known as Captain Kale has advised women who like to date married men to ‘up their game.’ “If you want to be a side chick, don’t date a broke man, go for a wealthy man. You can’t sin and still struggle to make ends meet,” Kale advised.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, the outspoken social media personality who once said that married women shouldn’t be given freedom after marriage, also said that dating a married man is like driving a government property and no man would leave his wife for side chicks.
“There’s no married man who’ll leave his woman for a side chick, no matter how much they spend on them. They can never replace their wives,’ he said. “Incase he leaves his wife for you, then he will also leave you for another woman.” he added.

Most men have been spending time with their families during this festive season and according to Kale, most slay queens are broke and don’t have sponsors to foot their bills
“Those who didn’t invest well have no money to travel for holidays. Let them suffer in their bedsitters or go and milk cows in ushago (upcountry) mpaka (until) January,” he said.

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