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Nigerians react as Magodo residents protest planned demolition of properties

Police officers on Tuesday evening, besieged the phase two of Magodo estate in Lagos state in what appears to be a move to demolish some houses in the highbrow estate.

AMB gathered that the police officers accompanied some youths who appeared to be hoodlums into the estate to start marking some houses in the area for demolition.

Amid the police siege, many residents trooped out of their houses to stand guard at the entrance of the estate to prevent a bulldozer from gaining entrance.

According to the report making rounds on the internet, The police invasion of the estate may be connected to the lingering court case involving the state government and members of the Shangisha Landlords Association.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have continued to stand by Magodo residents. Many of them took to social media to share their thoughts on the issue.

AMB gathered some comments…Read below..

@chinwe: Na waooh. This Christmas season, you want to throw families into such pains. But Lagos State should first work on the ministry of land. Who gave the approval in the first place

@ali_merry: Our kind of government, our kind of democracy is the harm, hurt and make life difficult for the citizens. They don’t provide and when the people try to provide for themselves they destroy or tax them heavily ! It’s so unfortunate….

@ola_22: which option did we have

@benue_boi: People can be so insensitive, the first thing they can think of is to demolish, so they cannot negotiate with the house owners?..Meanwhile, Lagos state will be pretending as if they don’t know what is going on after selling the land ..

@ikenna: This is more of the reasons I abhor Lagos property. You could imagine that these people bought the lands 38 years ago from State Government ooh. My Igbo brothers, leave Lagos properties for Yorubas….invest in Igbo land. There’s not gonna be such a news…

@mylordissweet: This Christmas 🎄 season?? This is pure weakness! Who gave approval for the houses if not the government??

@mr_47: Lagos State Government should please pardon these people. It will be so insensitive of LSG to just wake up one morning and render people homeless or destroying what people laboured for years to achieve. And not even in a time when we should be celebrating our Lord and Savior. This is time to show love.

@zeus: I still dont understand how same govt that gave plan approval, kept mute when these houses were being built still come out now to demolish same houses. After they will resell to another set of people.

@belloAjibola: Who and who are behind this?Why do you want to demolish people’s house what kind of court decision is that?Can it be Tinubu

@joeboi: Useless vagabonds in Government. Corrupt leaders….always looking for ways to inflict pain and hardship on Nigerians. Shame indeed

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