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Will you date my dad? Fans react as DJ Cuppy says she hates boys (video)

DJ Cuppy is not having a favorable brush with humans of the opposite gender.

For reasons yet to be known, DJ Cuppy who is still looking forward to getting off the markets has publicly expressed her hatred for boys.

In the video, the Disc Jockey stated that she looks happy but she’s really pissed inside. She further went on to repeatedly assert “I hate boys”.

See the video and some reactions below…


If you are trying to tell us you’re a lesbian it’s okay… you are in London where nobody cares. Come out so that guys will stay away. Stop being a brat.


I just feel she’s yet to make herself ready to be committed to a relationship.


You’ll have problems with men if you want to measure them with the same yardstick as your Dad. Your dad has had years of polishing and all you’re seeing now is the fineside. Have a little patience with a good man and try gradually tilting him to the angle you want.


She has finally made it clear…this girl belong to rainbow family


Everyone don’t like boys but we always end up with them


Your big balle… you no happy say boys dey come for you sef.. nonsense


Haaaaa you don due for marriage ooo madam… dey there dey talk say you hate boys.


This one is more than frustrated… I know the feeling…when you have everything but can’t get a man that will love u for u, it’s no joke.


Will you date my dad?


dem don knack am finish… Clean mouth

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