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“You must be a member to know who belong” Fans blast female pastor for saying Olamide is a member of Illuminati (video)

A controversial Nigerian female pastor has got internet users talking for the umpteenth time over her questionable views on Christianity and Nigerian celebs. In one of her videos, the preacher made top singer, Olamide, her subject of discussion

According to the pastor, Olamide is a member of a popular secret cult called the Illuminati. She explained that he is not the only member and there are many of them.

Also in the video, the pastor noted that Olamide being a member of Illuminati means his leader is the devil and he is in direct communication with Lucifer.

In her words: “Olamide is a member of Illuminati. Mention their names, all of them, they are members of Illuminati. And who are these Illuminati? The people that their boss is the devil. They have direct communication with Lucifer. And the devil is rushing now, long processing has been cancelled.”

Watch the video below…


“Mummy must be a member to know who belong and who who no belong.”


“Make Olamide even arrest this woman abeg …. E Dey Illuminati e fit u & ur family …. if e easy u sef do am…. see her blue skirt.”


“This woman is looking for trouble untill she gets arrarested tarnishing people’s image is that the sermon she ought to be preaching nawaooo I wish I know her church I’ll go there sit down when she start preaching such I’ll raise up my hand and ask loads of questions she won’t be able to answer.”


“It’s the congregations for me, see as they seat there like fools.”


“Pls you all should leave my Baddo alone o YBNL mafias no dey joke o.”

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