‘Dem fit scatter am’ Singer Chike reveals why he’ll never talk about his relationship

Popular singer — Chike has revealed that he will never bring his relationship to the public eye.

The ‘Running’ crooner made this known in an interview with VJ Adams.

When VJ Adams asked him if he was in a relationship, the singer said:

“Would you ask me if I have a girlfriend first? I will never talk about my relationship. Whether there is one or not, its private. Simply private. Because if e dey , them go scatter am”, he revealed.

Going down memory lane, Chike said he had always known he would do music, adding that passion was never the issue.

Read what he said below

I’ve always known I would do music, passion was never the issue here.

But, sometimes getting up and doing was the issue. If I don’t do it ‘hunger fit kill me; Not that there wont be food for me to eat, but I won’t be able to talk to the kind of babes I would love to talk to.

The thing about it is that when money enter, love is sweeter.

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