He taught me to be faithful to one woman – Ypick says as he hails Singer Sound Sultan

Ondo state born guitarist, Ypick was the guitarist to the late musician, Sound Sultan. Ypick in a chat with NAN has described how the late singer impacted his life.
According to him: “Sound Sultan was an angel in human form, knowing him is a blessing. We had been together for over 10 years. We had traveled, toured locally and internationally. I can say I was closer to him than my family. At first when I first started working with him, we had a lot of disagreements, but we later bonded. Our Chemistry on stage was hundred percent. I will really miss our Stage act I don’t think I can replicate that with any artiste again. Sound sultan was very accommodating.

One of the greatest things I learnt from him is being faithful to one woman. He inspired me with his way of life .He does not drink or smoke .If you find a red cup with him in a club or at any event, trust me it’s water or juice that is inside the cup. The popularity I have today in the industry is through him. I am yet to grasp the reality that he is no more. It’s like he traveled and will be back. I miss him so much”.

Ypick also bemoaned the fact that guitarists are not revered in the Nigerian music industry.

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