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Moment singer Rick Ross left an interview to use the bathroom & never returned

Award-winning American rapper Rick Ross left the hosts of an interview puzzled after leaving without informing them.

The Push rapper was making a media tour to promote his latest album, Richer Than I Ever Been, when he appeared on the 85 South Comedy Show on Friday, December 17.

Around midway through the show, the rapper, who enjoys close relations with Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto, abruptly left the conversation midway.

After discussing his earlier releases like Push It, Rozay said he wanted to go to the restroom to release his jacket.

He took a sip of a beverage before leaving the set.

“Let me use the bathroom one time and I will take this jacket off,” he said.

Later, someone off-camera notifies the interviewers that Ross had left the building to catch a flight.

One of the hosts inquired why the rapper had not informed them, with the person who broke the news responding:

“I just found out.” The hosts then made jokes about the Maybach Music Group head honcho’s abrupt exit.

See some reactions below

@SportsBounds: “I think they said something that rubbed him the wrong because he was kinda irritated by something.”

@jessethechef: “I will not walk off on the show when you bring me on it.”

@Peezytooslick: “Man, that’s Rick Ross. He can do what he wants because he is the big boss.”

@jessethechef “King Rick Ross said: “I’m going to the bathroom… home.”

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