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How did Tyger Booty die? The full story of the popular IG model’s death

Recently Tyger booty who is also known as iamtyger who was trending after the rumors of her sudden passing which surfaced online, she is a famous Atlanta model who is reportedly on a visit to Ghana, it is now known as what has happened to her exactly, following the news of her demise, many of her followers on social media are paying her tributes.

There are rumors and speculations which are surfacing on social networking sites, Tyger booty real name is Dasani Williams who is a popular social media influence, she is from the United States of America, it has been confirmed by the sources that she is a mother and she has a loving daughter with her husband, she is not having any Wikipedia page.

Information about her personal life is yet to be discovered. She was on a trip recently to Ghana with a rich man, she is out of reach, there has been no contact or conversation between Tyger and her family, her friends ask to write on social media informing others about the same.

There are many websites on the internet that claim that she is dead but we cannot verify the same due to lack of information, it seems like these are just rumors and speculations as of this point in time.

One of her close friends Bella Stalutti has recently confirmed that Tyger has died after the conspiracy of her client, she is also speculating overdose might be the reason for her death, the team is going to be on their toes in order to find out more about the girl in the coming days and weeks.

Her friends are claiming that she has died, whether she has died in the hotel in Accra or not is not at all clear as of this point in time, her friends are also stating that Ghana police have started off with the investigation in the case as of yet, we are going to be back with the updates as soon as something comes under our radar.

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