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Is He Trying To Make Kim Jealous? Reactions As Kanye West Parties With IG Model Yasmin Lopez

Kim Kardashian fans have reacted to the rumours making waves on social media that Kanye West and Instagram model — Yasmin Lopez are dating.

According to report, Last night in Houston, Kanye was in attendance for J Mulan’s birthday party. At the same time, Ye was spotted hanging out with model Yasmine Lopez.

The two partied together, as Justin LaBoy and YouTuber Michaela Mendez were also in the building. The venue for the party was at Brooklyn Nets star James Harden’s Thirteen restaurant.

It was gathered that Ye happily took photos with people in attendance. This included the birthday girl, J Mulan.

Sources close to Kanye and Yasmine stated that the two aren’t a couple or dating. They reportedly spoke at J Mulan’s party, but there is nothing more involved in that.

But, Fans insisted that something is definitely going on between them.

See their reactions below…

@thinktwicemybro: Trying every means to get back at Kim. All Na to make her jealous and drag her leg back home.

@gift: Give yourself time to heal, that way you’ll be better off with the next woman. You’re using this one as rebound and its obvious

@Arowana: Trust me this won’t get to Kim one bit if thats the intention.

@sweetbaby: Moving on is easier when you don’t have to worry about finances. I pray I get my financial independence soon enough and maybe, it won’t hurt so much and then easier to finally let go and move on! Poverty is a disease. #crying

@davidlens: You folks want this man to keep chasing Kim up and down even as she has moved on. He tried getting back with her but she refused and now it seems as though he’s living again and you guys are hating. It shows how wicked you are. The man should die because you love Kim

@bree: So the man cannot be happy again?? Abeg let him have fun. Afterall his wife refused for better or worse

@anon2anon: Doing what bosses do best moving on

@snipper: yea,the earlier you forget that shrinking Kim butt and move on ,the better. However, be careful with this one for all cunts are the same

However, Ye have been trying to win Kim Kardashian back lately, despite the fact that she’s dating Pete Davidson and seems very happy with him.

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