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Actor Emeka Amakeze Has Best Response To Man Who Said Men Should Only Marry Rich Girls And Say No To Poor Girls

Actor Emeka Amakeze has replied to a man who claimed that men should only marry rich ladies or women from rich homes because of the things that the family will be giving as a wedding gift.

Emeka Amakeze replying to that said it is valid to desire a wife that must be richly settled by her family on her wedding day as a wedding gift but you the man has to make sure that she will be waking up in a new Bugatti that is yours to keep up her standard of living.

Emeka Amakeze is trying to make us understand that when you desire to have a wife from a rich family who will be richly settled by her family, you must also make sure to keep up with the standard you took her if not you might regret your action just because of riches.

Some ladies from rich families do settle with men who aren’t able to keep up with the standard they are used to but try their best to cope with the new environment they find themselves but others will make your life a living hell that you will ever regret your actions and might even end the marriage hence make sure to cut your coat according to your size.

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