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Bring Nigeria back to security level under former president Jonathan – Northern Youths beg Buhari

Ismail Musa, the CNG’s Director of Strategic Communications, made the announcement on Vanguard Live on Wednesday, December 29. The organization bemoaned the growing amount of murders, kidnappings, and general insecurity in the country, and chastised President Muhammadu Buhari for his handling of the situation.

“What we are begging them for now is, you know human life is very important; in fact, it’s very key.

If you can do something, in fact, if you can take us back to the insecurity you met on board that will be tolerable to a large extent to say well he has taken us back to (former President Goodluck) Jonathan’s standard we are crying about. I mean the killings at that time; the statistics are there to speak for themselves.

So really as far as I am concerned, it’s unfortunate we have these kinds of people ruling us by this time.” SaharaReporters quoted him as saying

Concerned Nigerians staged a demonstration in Abuja a few weeks ago about escalating insecurity in the north and other regions of the country.

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