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Fans React To Video Of Singer Portable Dancing ‘Leg Work’ On Top Moving ‘Danfo’ Bus (VIDEO)

A daredevil fellow was seen perching precariously at the back of a moving Danfo bus and doing a dangerous dance in the process

The man was sighted in a viral video doing legwork on top of a moving Danfo bus, making many people wonder if he has a spare life somewhere.

The place is not known, but Lagos is synonymous with yellow Danfo buses.

The fellow perched on the back of the bus and danced so excitedly as if he was celebrating the end of the year.

He moved both his legs in quick succession while also maintaining his balance with only one hand.

The man who wore sagging boxers did not seem to mind his life and the bus moved at full speed on a very clean road.

Many people were shocked by the man’s fearlessness and have wondered if the man was performing in a Nollywood movie.
Media personality, Tunde Ednut who shared the video on Instagram warned the fellow that life has no duplicate.

Many people on social media also expressed their views on the video.

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