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Moment PSquare Brothers Went On Their Knees During Concert, Plead With Fans to Forgive Them

Music stars Peter and Paul Okoye had their first major concert in Lagos, Nigeria for the first time since their split from the PSquare music group.

The much-anticipated concert went down on Saturday, December 25 at the popular Eko Convention Centre and it was indeed a fun-filled night for attendees.

Man who gathered to watch the brothers perform had not seen them together for so long and it brought back a strong feeling of nostalgia to see them united through music again.

Interestingly, the brothers didn’t just carry on with their performances without acknowledging the pain of their supporters who spent so long clamouring for their reunion.

Midway into the show, Peter and Paul went down on their knees and used the opportunity to ask fans all over the world to forgive them for being apart for so long.

Members of the audience went wild with excitement as they watched the priceless moment unfold.


the.oyintarie_ said:

“Make Una sha no split again, and drop lit songs thanks.”

makeupbyrikket said:

“Awww❤️❤️❤️❤️apology accepted.”

eezzis_closetandbeautyroom said:

“Lol, e don do sha. I just hope they are still able to make waves as much as they use to do.”

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