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‘I Don’t Love My Partner Anymore’ Is The Most Foolish Reason To Seek A Divorce – Legal Practitioner

Every couple gets married with the intention to live happily ever after. However, not every wish can materialise.

As time goes on, you may notice things are not going well between you and your spouse. Your partner was not stern, aloof, and resentful during the honeymoon stage of your relationship. Thus, you consider divorce to get your happy life back.

But according to a private legal practitioner, divorce is not just for the asking.
Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Kweku Paintsil explained that couples who seek divorce must prove to the court that the marriage has deteriorated beyond reconciliation.

“There are people who just wake up and say, ‘I don’t love my partner any longer’. That is the most foolish excuse that you can ever appear before a judge in our court with.

“This is because it is not up to the judge to grant you a divorce. Instead, you must demonstrate that the marriage has broken down beyond reconciliation,” he said on Tuesday.

Mr Paintsil further added that a woman can sue her husband should he refuse to provide money for the upkeep of the household.

According to him, the court can compel the man to meet demands as expected of him.

“A lot of men have got this mentality that they are doing the woman a favour if they provide those resources, but it is wrong. So please, if you’ve got a husband who is refusing to give you chop money, bring him to the Family Tribunal.

“This has nothing to do with divorce. Instead, get an order from the court to compel him, whether he loves you or not, to honour his obligation imposed by law,” he stated.

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