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BBNaija Vee replies those curious to know whether her relationship with Neo has sunk [Video]

BBNaija star Vee has replied to those curious to know whether her relationship with Neo has sunk or it’s still strong as ever asking them to mind their own business and stop poking nose in her life.

Rumors that went around a few weeks ago had it that Neo and Vee had ended their relationship and shippers weren’t pleased with it hence took to Vee’s social media handles to quiz her whether the rumor circulating is true or they’re still together as lovers.

Vee reacting to that has asked all those curious to know her relationship status with Neo to mind their business and let her live her life because her private life and relationship has nothing to do with them or how they feel about her.

According to her, she shows them what she wants them to see, and what she does behind the scene is none of their business since none of them stay with her to know everything about her life outside social media hence they should mind their own business.

Vee added that she has blocked a lot of people who are all over her social media handles asking her the same question about her relationship with Neo and she will continue to block them so they can only watch her from afar since they’ve refused to mind their business.

Video below;

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