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Fans React As Rosy Meurer Drags People Who Lay Curses On Her Marriage

Still in the mood of celebrating the new year, Rosy Meurer is the song on the lips of many as she stuns the internet with another happy family moment. But, unfortunately, the lovely actress did not escape the sight of netizens who trolled her photo.

On social media, the beautiful mother shared a lovely picture of herself, her husband, Olakunle Churchill, and their adorable baby boy, King.
Rosy Meurer got many talking about the picture, which was captioned “The Squad”.

Lovely comments from Rosy Meurer’s fans are trailing the photo while a netizen could not help but chastise the actress for sharing beautiful moments with her family.

A user identified as Barbiejuly got many talking in the comment section when she claimed Rosy Meurer and her husband, Olakunle Churchill, will soon break up, stating it is the law of Karma.

Barbiejuly: Una go break up soon😂 law of Karma

Rosy Meurer responded by claiming she will continue to unveil more beautiful memories of her marriage and not block any unnecessary comments.

“official_rosymeurer: @barbiejuly I will not block you. I want you to be here to witness all the beautiful memories My husband and I will make till we are old”.

Rosy Meurer’s loyal fans pledged their undying love and support to her by showering her with prayers as well as dragging her haters in the mud.

jay_patrick_enterprise: @official_rosymeurer Amen, that my prayer for you, I secretly admire your courage.. you are a strong woman😍😍

helen.unusual: @official_rosymeurer Amen so shall it be in Jesus name.any evil tongue, evil eyes or evil hands planning evil against you, your husband or your son.Holy ghost fire will burn and destroy them one after the other and they shall be put to shame in Jesus name amen.i covered you, your husband, your son and your beautiful family with the blood of Jesus amen 🙏🙏 keep doing you God gat your blessed family forever.

lishaskincare_products: @official_rosymeurer love how you love your husband. God bless your union now and always

amryems: @barbiejuly joy dey pain wltches like u normally so we are not suprised@official_rosymeurer @olakunlechurchill irony is that the people wishing to see ur fall/breakup have been de ones disgracing themselves on and off soshio media every 2 market days

sunbim1: @mayor_lee24 they are foolish, let the keep displaying their stupidity

komeeewilliams: @barbiejuly osinwe! face like burnt offering. It’s you and all the female members of your family that will break up soon. That’s if una even see husband marry. Ode

erhivona_: @barbiejuly @iroghamaosazuwa and you are a woman you actually liked a devilish comment on someone’s marriage and you pray to marry someday . May God keep your home cs the karma u talk about . Will definitely reach with your black heart

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