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Ghanaian police officer assaults popular journalist, leaves him with swollen lips

A Ghanaian journalist has taken to social media to share the ordeal he suffered at the hands of a misunderstanding.

The man shared this in a recent post he made on the popular social media platform, Facebook where he shared some photos.

The lengthy post he made reads;

“3rd of January 2022
A police officer at the Sekondi Police Station assaults me over a misunderstanding
I had gone to the police station to park my car there and unfortunately had my keys locked in the car…..

In a process of trying to find something to open the car, a police office not in uniform and wearing a earrings appeared and started questioning me…
I had explained that I was looking for a small metal I could use to try and open my car… That I am a journalist and I even have a father who is also a police officer that’s why I usually park my car there…
The officer by nick name OBUASI wouldn’t even have my explanation so started raising his voice at me… I told him he shouldn’t intimidate me cos I’m not a thief and that am a journalist.
Well because he had taken in alcohol he just pounced on me started hitting my face leaving me bleeding profusely with bruises and swells all over my face…
I’ve tried getting his name but none want to give it to me
They all call him OBUASI
But then again I ask, if I am even a thief, should a police officer who has swore to protect lives and property take the law in his own hands when the person(suspect) hasn’t resisted arrest of tried to fight him?
Ghana Police Service this is a test case to prove that civilians can trust the police to protect them
George Akuffo Dampare George Akuffo Dampare our highly respected Inspector General of Police can the citizenry still have faith in the Ghana Police Service?
Ministry of the Interior, Ghana How do we get these men in the service
We will fight this with our last breath”

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