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“I thought I was going to die in Turkey during my body enhancement” Kisa Gbekle (Video)

Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle has narrated her ordeal after she traveled to Turkey to enhance her body shape through surgery.

According to the 30-year-old actress, she was scared of embarking on the journey to have her body done for her in Turkey due to past stories of people loosing their lives in the same process especially in Turkey.
During an interview with Zionfelix, Kisa revealed that she consulted her mother and some people before traveling to Turkey but she had a feeling that she could die in the process or stay alive after the surgery.

She revealed that after she landed in Turkey, the doctor who has been performing liposuction for years with no death track record encouraged her to relax her nerves and give them a phone number just in case the unexpected happens.
Kisa revealed that while she was relaxing, she woke up to find out that the surgery was done. She stated that it will be difficult to encourage someone to do the same as she did.

In other news, a lady was over the moon after she was gifted a brand new car by her longtime boyfriend as her birthday gift.
A video sighted on social media captured the moment the lady was blinded by her boyfriend whom she started dating when he was still struggling in life, only for her to walk to her brand new car.

The beautiful lady could not control her emotions as she lies on top of her brand new car given to her by her boyfriend, probably soon to become her husband. Friends of the couple also expressed their joy as they congratulated the lady on her new achievement.

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