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Ibrah One accuses Burna Boy of paying people to assassinate Shatta Wale

Socialite Ibrah One has claimed that Shatta Wale’s pending death prophecy will manifest before 22/2/22 as Burna Boy has paid some people to assassinate Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale and Burna Boy are fighting each other on the gram and then decide to take it physically with a fist daring each other with one claiming to beat the other and Ibrah One seems to be taking advantage of that.

According to him, the pending prophecy of Shatta Wale to be shot death will definitely come to pass before 22/2/22 because Burna Boy has paid some people to assassinate Shatta Wale because of their online battle we guess.

Whether Ibrah One overhead this somewhere or saw it somewhere, we can’t tell but he is claiming that the pending death prophecy of Shatta Wale being shot to death will manifest 22/2/22 which is next month.

The IGP through the police has warned against false prophecy and causing panic to the general public but Ibrah One seems not to have heeded such warning and is still talking about death prophecies which landed Shatta Wale in jail for the first time.

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