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Jude Ighalo’s estranged wife Sonia speaks about the status of her marriage

The marriage of Jude Ighalo and Sonia has been shaking for a while after allegations of infidelity and some people think they have ended the marriage since that has been the rumors hence refers to her as the ex-wife of Jude Ighalo.

Answering a curious fan who wanted to know whether she’s divorced to sympathize with her, Sonia disclosed that she’s traditionally and legally still married to Jude Ighalo and that makes her his only recognized wife.


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There are a lot of women in the life of Jude Ighalo and some rumors have it that he has kids with other women aside from his wife but today we know that he is still married to Sonia and that prevents him from marrying any other woman.

Sonia has a greater hand and chance above such women in the life of Jude Ighalo and can get his man anytime she wants since she’s still his legally and traditionally only recognized wife but guess she isn’t interested and that’s why she’s living her life somewhere else.

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