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Mona Gucci Caught Doing “Ahohyehye” On Burna Boy As She Claims He’s Bigger Than Shatta Wale – Ghanaians Unfollow Her In Huge Numbers

Controversial media personality, Mona Gucci has found herself in hot water after favoring Burna Boy, a Nigerian rapper, over Shatt Wale during their feud.

Burna Boy, who appears to have a personal problem with Shatta Wale, challenged him to pick a battle with him rather than taking it out on others.

Since then, the two performers have been aggressively trashing each other on social media.

In the comment section of Burna Boy’s Instagram, Mona Gucci was spotted labeling him ‘odowgu.’

Burna Boy, according to Mona Gucci, is “far too big” to get into a battle with Shatta Wale.

The assertion made by television anchor Mona Gucci appears to have enraged a segment of Ghanaians, who have begun to unfollow her in large numbers.

Mona Gucci’s decision to take sides in the conflict and favor Nigerian singer Burna Boy over Shatta Wale has been criticized by fans.

Others vowed to unfollow her after some people insulted her for cruelly demanding friendship with Burna Boy.

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