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Shatta Wale’s former friend Wizla Finito dares him to touch Burna Boy

A former friend of Shatta Wale, Wizla Finito who is currently a friend of Burna Boy announcing the arrival of Burna Boy on Instagram referred to Shatta Wale as a pig as he dares him to come and touch Burna Boy as he threatened.

Shatta Wale threatened to beat Burna Boy after the latter called him to a fist over their argument and he promised to be in Ghana today so they can take their online fight to a different level and he kept his promise of coming to Ghana today.

Wizla Finito posted daring Shatta Wale that he’s waiting for any pig to try and touch Burna Boy who is in Ghana and he will see his moda falaa claiming no xenophobic attack will be allowed in the country as Ghana and Nigeria are

Odogwu welcome back to Ghana @burnaboygram , now let any pig 🐷 try to touch you and see him moda Falaaa. We will not tolerate any xenophobic attacks in the motherland. Ghana is Nigeria and Nigeria is Ghana #WeMove🇬🇭❤️🇳🇬✌🏾💪🏾

However, Shatta Wale is yet to make any statement or reaction towards the arrival of Burna Boy but the team of Burna Boy is trying everything possible to provoke Shatta Wale because they know how he reacts when angry.

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