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“Stop Oppressing Us Abeg” – Mo Bimpe And Lateef Adedimeji’s Fans Cry Out

It appears fans of actors Mo bimpe and Adedimeji Lateef are already tired of their back-to-back Public Display of Affection (PDAs) on their Instagram pages since they got married a few weeks ago.

It was gathered that since the lovebirds got married in December 2021, they have been uploading loved up photos and videos of intimate moments together for their fans to see; and initially it always got many of the fans aww-ing and praying for them, but some of them are now tired.

“Stop oppressing us abeg, go and rest small” one Akeem wrote on Mo Bimpe’s Instagram page hours after she posted a loved up video of herself and her husband, Lateef on Monday, January 4, 2022.

One Timmah wrote “I tire for them, why can’t they keep hiding things just as they did even at when gistlover opened there yanch then …’s really becoming irritating, who are they oppressing Too much of everything can be xoxo _____

Another fan advised them to stop showing off but rather live a private life.

Adedimeji Lateef on the other hand disabled the comment section of his own post where he had also shared the loved up video, to avoid critics bombarding the post with hate comments.

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