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Why Do You Hate Me So Much – Davido’s Baby Mama Sophia Lambast Blogger Cutie Juls

The first baby mama of Davido, Sophia Momodu has lost her cool with Instagram blogger Cutie Juls for spreading rumors that she fought with her rival Amanda over Davido

Recall that Instagram blogger Cutie Juls took to her page to claim that Sophia Momodu fought Amanda dirty in the club because she was preventing her from getting close to Davido.

She wrote, “What in scarcity preeek name is wrong with the First baby mama? Abi she no be ex again? 🤦‍♀️Omo, them say the fight inside the club that night wasn’t small.

Cuz Aunty first baby mama didn’t want Aunty’s 2nd baby mama to get too close to baby daddy. WTH.. even after all the internet cheers? Wawuuuuu… tackiness level on high voltage

At this point.. eeehn it’s best to pay the groom price. I knew all that louding in and smiling in that toast was fake especially for our first baby mama. Girl, have some freaking self-respect. The matter full ground for Ghana streets… fia!
Sophia in a series of posts on her Instagram story questioned the blogger Cutie Juls why she derives joy in spreading lies about her. She also questioned why she hates her so much.

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