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I almost died wearing waist trainers – Berla Mundi

Ghanaian television presenter, Berla Mundi, has disclosed how she almost suffocated to death for wearing waist trainers.

The wearing of waist trainers has become an everyday thing for almost all young ladies in Ghana and outside Ghana. Many women wear waist trainers for several reasons. While some wear it to exercise, others also wear it underneath their dresses to keep their sagy stomach intact.

The television personality Berla Mundi has taken to her Twitter page to disclose that she almost did not see 2022 after she decided to wear waist trainers to get snatched. According to her, she almost suffocated while wearing the waist trainers.

She tweeted saying, “Ladies, those body shapers that hold the stomach and waist in, are you comfortable in them? I tried one and I almost didn’t see 2022 because I was suffocating. Eeeiiiiiii.”

Her fans have reacted to the post she made differently. Joojo Bills said, “

You are naturally gifted mum @berlamundi u don’t need those things. If they don’t understand dem for ask Baba God”. Another fan, Statesman also said “You dey form that why….. if like you make agbloloto ah, you go survive am. But them dey force o”.

While Anfiled another fan also said, “dat gender wey God gve am natural eyebrows wey she go buy blade take shave everything . wey buy pencil draw different one, u no dey fear them?”.

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