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I have a lot of hate from Nigeria for supporting Shatta Wale – Showboy

Rapper Showboy has lamented over the hate he’s getting from Nigerians for supporting Shatta Wale with his fight against Nigerians not supporting Ghanaian artists as they support them.

Showboy threw his support behind Shatta Wale during his fight with Nigerians saying they are not giving back the energy and support Ghanaians and other African countries give their artists which have pushed them to the world.

According to him, he thinks he’s the only real street trapper that supported Shatta Wale and because of that has a lot of hate from Nigerians now as they DM him on his Snapchat handle and disrespect him at large.

Adding that despite the hate he’s been receiving, all he can say is he’s always going to ride for his country Ghana and nothing is going to change that telling them to hate him all they want but he will still support his country Ghana.

Showboy is currently in jail in the US but makes sure to throw his support behind Ghanaian artists when they start something he believes will push the industry forward and that is why he supported Shatta Wale even though his approach was wrong.

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