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Islamic Cleric Told Me To Get Them For Money Rituals — Man Arrested With Fresh Human Parts Confesses In Lagos

41-year-old man, Sikiru Kolawole has been arrested by the police with fresh human parts, which included the wrists, heart and flesh, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

During interrogation, the suspect disclosed that the human parts were those of a male corpse exhumed from Sabo cemetery.


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He further disclosed that an Islamic cleric, whose identity he did not reveal, told him to get the parts to prepare a sacrifice that would make him rich.

According to Kolawole, “ My business has not been moving. When I complained to a friend, he directed me to Alfa, who told me to get some human parts. Upon enquiry, I was told I could get fresh human parts at the cemetery.

“I went to Sabo cemetery, on Igbogbo road, Ikorodu, dug a fresh grave and severed the needed parts which were the heart, two wrists and flesh, from a male corpse.

“ I was taking them to the Alfa when some policemen stopped me and requested to see what was inside the bag I was carrying”.

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