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Toke Makinwa fumes about how people are interested in who she sleeps with and not her hard work

Toke Makinwa has fumed about how people are only interested in who she sleeps with and not her hard work saying it’s completely crazy with the obsession over where her vajayjay has been.

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Toke Makinwa reacting to how bloggers always talk about who she sleeps with or who her vajayjay is servicing fumed about that saying she doesn’t want to start the year like this but she won’t let all she has suffered to build over the years be reduced to false stories.

According to her, many a time false narratives have been created over the years and most times she has looked away thinking they will get bored and the truth will speak for itself but the obsession with her vajayjay and where it’s been or who it’s servicing is completely crazy.

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Adding that she could lunch a business, empower her community, or even find the cure to cancer but they won’t care to promote any of that instead they will be hawking her like a gala if the story is about who she’s sleeping with and this year she’s no longer looking away.

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Toke Makinwa then warned that the disrespect these bloggers have shown her is enough because she’s no more going to keep quiet over false stories they publish about her especially when she’s in the middle of something important.

screenshot below;

Toke Makinwa responds to fans saying she ruined her face with plastic surgery

If no one will, I will give myself a pat on the back – Toke Makinwa hails herself as a ”damn good presenter”

“Many ladies are single because they’re are looking for scammers with good hearts” – BBNaija’s Rico Swavey

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