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While Other Celebrities Fight On Instagram, Chika Ike Tensions Nigerians With Luxury Lifestyle (Photos/Videos)

Talk about panache, class, elegance and beauty, Chika Ike comes to mind.

The popular Nigerian actress, who has been missing from the big screen for a while now is obviously busy with traveling around the world.
While other Nigerian actresses are busy fighting on social media, Chika Ike is blessing her followers with photos of her luxury trips, expensive purchases and baby girl lifestyle.

Two weeks ago, Chike Ike was spotted on the streets of New York. The Harvard Business School student took to her Instagram page to cry out about the cold weather. “Baby…. It’s cold outside!” She wrote.

Days later, Chika Ike flew to Switzerland. The actress traveled with a first class ticket and bragged that she’s only available for enjoyment.

“I’m only available for enjoyment this season….. Touch down Switzerland ” She wrote on her Instagram page.

While we were still trying to digest everything she was giving us, Chika Ike flew to Rome!

The baby girl decided to pepper her haters by sharing a photo of herself eating pasta and drinking expensive red wine.

Chika Ike also gushed about how good Italy is over a cone of ice cream.

The actress is currently in Santorini Greece and yes, she’s still flaunting the luxury lifestyle.

D&G bags, champagnes, luxury food and more!

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