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Temi Otedola Reveals She Visited Eleven Countries In 2021

Billionaire’s daughter and actress — Temi Otedola has revealed she had extreme lows in 2021, but she was able to visit eleven countries.

The actress who disclosed this on her IG said that her favourite travel destination was Iceland.

According to her, “My career took a new leap. I got to work with brands I never thought I would be able to work with”.

Speaking about self love, she said “Self love is the journey that we all have to go individually. I just realized that when I meet people who are unapologetically and fully love themselves, you can just tell.

“You can tell they have done a lot of work to get to the place where every part of them that they cannot change, they embrace. Life is a love story with yourself. You can have friends that come and go, but you are always going to be stuck with yourself.

Speaking about her New year resolution, she said “My resolution is to have more empathy, empathy will change your life. When you come across someone in your day to day life, you have no idea what happened to them yesterday. You can have a friend who is the life of the party, but such a person can still go back home and cry”.

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